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What is Telecom Expense Mangement

Telecommunications today involves a wide range of services, platforms, and devices. The approach to managing all of these services and platforms is referred to as Telecom Expense Management or TEM for short. TEM includes all of the expenses for telecommunication services, including wireless, data, voice, and the software and tools used. It also provides for the cost of auditing of all of these expenses.

The primary goal of TEM is to maximize the efficiency of all communication products and services used in an organization or business and to minimize their costs. This is usually a simple task for small companies involving verifying services and charges on their monthly phone bill. Larger companies and organizations, however, typically need a formal program to optimize spending on all of the telecom services that they need and use. Auditing gets most of the attention, but billing errors, refunds, and more are involved for a TEM program to be effective.

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